We are experts in solving problems that require natural color ingredients. We focus on providing the best tailor-made solutions to meet standards and quality specifications for many different markets.


Whether your products are breads, donuts, cakes, cookies or fillings, We can provide solutions from the entire color wheel. We recommend powder products for dough and liquid colors for fillings, and offer water soluble, oil soluble, as well as dispersible options.


The beverage segment is one of the fastest changing spaces in the food industry. Evolutions within the beverage market have set numerous trends, including an emphasis on using healthy ingredients and the replacement of artificial colors. We offer an extended variety of natural colors for soft drinks, fruit juices, alcoholic beverages and wine coolers. We know stability is a key issue, and have tailored our products to be highly stable, easy-to-use and cost effective.

Canned Fruit:

SAAF INTERNATIONAL has got unique process to naturally color cocktail cherries, maraschinos and other fruits. Our non-bleeding natural colorants prevent the staining of the cocktail syrup or other fruits.

Cereals and Snacks:

SAAF INTERNATIONAL’s powder and extrusion resistant natural color formulations will allow you to develop colorful, attractive and healthy cereal blends. In snacks, the growing concerns over general health have pushed customers to look for more natural snacks and avoid artificial colors and additives. We can provide natural colors for oil slurries and extrusion doughs.


As a result of the Southampton Study, parents are aware of the link between certain artificial colors and child behavior disorders. We can help you switch from artificial to natural colors, and so provide safer ingredients that help build better confectionary products. We can supply the best natural color options for candies, fruit jellies, chewing gums, marshmallows, jams and fruit preps, all while allowing for a clean label.


Our Color solutions enhance the appearance of yogurts, flavored milks, cheese and desserts.  Our formulations are highly concentrated, which allow for low use levels, and have no effect on texture or flavor. Our natural colors also exhibit excellent light, thermal and shelf life stability.

Dry Mixes:

In dry mixes, consumers look for high flavor profile, great color and perfect texture. Colors, therefore, can be used as a visual cue for quality. We can guide you through the coloring process and offer the perfect cost-effective solutions for powder beverages and gelatins, soups, cereal-based powder foods, baked goods or desserts.

Fats and Oils:

We offersnatural, easy-to-handle and cost-effective color solutions for oils and oil based products. For margarines, we have developed innovative products that provide homogenous and stable color. Because our colors are oil soluble, they can be added at any stage of the production process and cause no streaks or paper stains.

Ice Creams and Frozen Desserts:

When buying an ice cream or frozen dessert, appearance, color and flavor are the key drivers that influence purchase decisions. From vanilla to exotic tropical fruit flavors, we can provide natural color solutions that will make your ice creams look perfectly unique and will give sorbets an appealing natural look.

Meat Products:

With our natural colors you will be able to improve the color stability of your meat products, reduce color fading, and therefore extend your products? shelf life. We can provide the most cost-effective red, orange and pink colors for cooked or uncooked meat products.


A great way to naturally differentiate your pasta is to add non-bleeding natural colors or coloring foodstuffs. We offers water soluble and water dispersible natural colors that are conveniently encapsulated to avoid staining the water while pasta is being cooked.

Personal Care and Pharmaceuticals:

In order to follow a natural approach to beauty and health, We has imported natural colors for different applications, from skin care products to massage oils and shower gels, to emulsions and pharmaceutical products. Because our products exist in liquid and powder forms, we can customize products according to specific needs.

Pet Foods:

Within Pet foods, we have the best natural color ingredients available for cookies, biscuits, pellets and canned pet food.

Sauces and Dressings:

We can provide the healthy and natural colors you need to give your sauces, salad dressings and other liquid seasonings an innovative natural appearance.


We have got non-bleeding colors for surimi-based products, salmon and fish sticks. With natural colors you will achieve excellent color intensity, natural appearance and superior stability for your seafood products.