SAAF International is a state of the art company who believes in innovation and versatility. We are introducing a new range of quality and worth using UHT milk stabilizers which can make a difference. Stabilizers are manufactured by FMC Biopolymer USA, keeping in mind the International standards and quality parameters, designed to help dairy processors overcome the challenges they face in an evolving market.

For example longer distribution channels require enhanced stability in order to maintain a high quality product over the entire shelf-life. The use of aseptic processing in the manufacture of UHT Milk has evolved over the years to meet some of these challenges. This has led to an increased need for systems to stabilize UHT Milk that is aseptically filled after sterilization, for extended storage at ambient temperature.

The Key Benefits of our stabilizers are as followed

  • Stable Emulsion
  • Prevents sedimentation
  • Prevents agglomeration
  • Prevents Age thickening
  • Improve shelf life at ambient temperatures
  • Prevents Fat separation
  • Prevents Coalescence of Fat globules
  • Improve User acceptability by giving smooth creamy and rich mouth feel
  • Prevent foam formation during processing
  • Improved heat stability of milk proteins(caseins) which are beneficial in Indirect UHT systems

Our recommendations depend typically on the type and level of milk-solids-non-fat in the milk and the processes used during production of the milk.


 Seakem BV 3821

UHT AND PASTURIZED Whipped Cream Stabilizers

SAAF International introduces UHT Cream Stabilizers which are unique of its kind and approaching the horizons of excellence and quality, mastered by FMC by constantly focusing and monitoring of the critical and complex issues arises when product is in the market and during processing. The product is designed to match the needs of evolving dairy processors.

FMC BioPolymer researchers worldwide have dedicated significant resources to address the stabilization of long-life creams and have developed a full portfolio of stabilizer systems for dairy cream contains 30-35% butter fat. These stabilizer systems are designed to fill the needs of most dairy processors and are adaptable to a wide range of processing variations. The product range for cream stabilization is based on FMC’s years of expertise in carrageenan and microcrystalline cellulose technology.

The added temperature stability over time can be attributed to the unique functionality of Avicel microcrystalline cellulose. Avicel MCC functions by forming a three dimensional gel network, after proper activation. This gel network is temperature independent, which gives the maximum temperature stability to a dairy system.


The Key Benefits are as follows

  • Excellent Cream Stability during shelf life at room temperature
  • Superior whipping ability at ambient and cold temperatures
  • Minimum viscosity variation
  • Significantly Reduced Fat agglomeration
  • Significantly Reduced Syneresis
  • Complete portfolio of Dairy Cream stabilizers, Different for specific processing conditions