SAAF INTERNATIONAL is a trading and Consultation Company, imports highest quality Food grade chemicals and Fruit pulps from the trusted Food Ingredients manufacturing companies from all around the globe and supply them to local players according to their needs. SAAF International has been supplying since 15 years and developed a trust among many national and multinational food chains. SAAF INTERNATIONAL is also working as Consultation Company with its technical team and assists food manufacturers in choosing right ingredient for the particular application, also help them in processing. SAAF INTERNATIONAL also has some R&D facilities to test and develop new application which are more applicable to the market and more acceptable to the consumer.
Why to buy from us?
SAAF INTERNATIONAL is the type of company you can trust. The only food ingredients supplying company in Pakistan which is delivering quality ingredients to suppliers with cheaper rates among the whole market. We believe in quality, that’s why we compromise our margin some times to fulfill our criteria. We are working on minimum margin as our rules and regulations don’t allow us to supply substandard chemicals to the consumers
How am I assured the quality of the ingredients I buy?
The ingredients are sealed and provided with certificate of analysis, Technical Data Sheet and MSDS (Material safety Data Sheet) provided by the supplier and the companies from which we are purchasing chemicals are all HALAL certified and also got preventive approaches like HACCP(Hazard analysis critical control point) and basic quality management systems like ISO 9001, etc. So the ingredients are of optimum quality, no need to worry about it
What if the ingredients I am looking for is not in your stock.
SAAF INTERNATIOL is a big company with lot of customers. Sometimes the need of new ingredient arises which is not already in stock. In this case we have some limitation in arranging that ingredients for you which includes 1. Type of product 2. Popularity of the product 3. consumer acceptably 4. And last but not least your monthly consumption We demand PO (Purchase Order) in this case in which you will mention your monthly consumption and your requirement. Then we will import that material for you with MOQ which is different for different products. It will take 20 to 40 days in case of shipment by sea.
How do I place an order?
You can place and order by Phone or by email by sending us a PO (Purchase Order) which is signed by your purchase Manager and Purchase officer. Our contact information is as follows Ph: +92-42-6664820, +92-42-6663720, +92–42-6664720 Email: info@dairyfoodpharma.com ceo@dairyfoodpharma.com junaid.kabir@dairyfoodpharma.com
How long does it take to ship your ingredient?
If the ingredient is in stock we can deliver you on the same day depending on the distance, if ingredient is not in stock than you have to wait for 10 to 15 days in case of by air delivery and 20 to 40 days in case of shipment by sea
How can I send money to you?
You can transfer money to our bank accounts, through Easy-Paisa, through a check according to the payments terms which are 50% advance payment and 50% on delivery.
What are the documents you will provide us?
The documents we will provide you includes

• HALAL Certificate

• TDS(Technical Data Sheet)

• COA(certificate of analysis)

• MSDS(Material Safety data Sheet

• Product Invoice

• Delivery note

What are the additional expenses I would likely to incur?
In most cases there will not be any additional charges, but if the distance from the warehouse is very big the additional charges of transportation will be added.