Salt, also known as table salt, or rock salt, is a crystalline mineral that is composed primarily of sodium chloride (NaCl), a chemical compound belonging to the larger class of ionic salts. It is essential for animal life in small quantities, but is harmful to animals and plants in excess. Salt is one of the oldest, most ubiquitous food seasonings and salting is an important method of food preservation. The taste of salt (saltiness) is one of the basic human tastes.

SAAF SALT is the refined, fortified quality salt which gives you the sense of purity and quality. Due to strict preventive and quality control measures and also due to quality managements systems our salt product reflects the purity with optimum efficiency in the recommended applications.

The types of salts we are dealing with are as follows

  • SAAF TABLE SALT (Edible Salt)
  • SAAF Iodized SALT
  • SAAF Fluoridated Salt


Table salt

Table salt

Table salt is refined salt, which contains about 97 to 99 percent sodium chloride. It is available with free-flowing substances (anticaking agents) such as sodium silico aluminate or magnesium carbonate and also without these additives according to the needs of our customers.  Other substances like desiccant such as a few grains of uncooked rice or a saltine cracker in salt shakers to absorb extra moisture and help break up clumps when anticaking agents are not enough, can also be added on demand.

SAAF Iodized Salt which is fortified with Iodine and is essential for the prevention of Goiter. In Pakistan, an estimated 20 million people are residing in the endemic goitrous areas and about 8 million of these are suffering from one or other form of (IDD) Iodine Deficiency Disorders. One million of these people are victims of mental retardation, which effects school performance and other activities adversely. Use of Iodized Salt is the easiest and cheapest means for the supplementation of Iodine. The recommended concentration of Iodine is 70 parts per million in Salt at the manufacturing stage. The salt is available on demand


SAAF Iodized Salt

SAAF Iodized Salt

SAAF Fluoridated Salt is fortified by adding measured amount of Sodium Fluoride in dry salt. This product is not being marketed at this time but the product is ready for production. All the possible testing has been developed for the proper quality maintenance during production with excellent in-house quality assurance which will guarantee the production of this grade of Edible salt according to our TQM programs. It is an accepted fact that if the ORAL HEALTH is neglected and not taken care of promptly, it can result in tooth loss or decay, which means visits to the dentist. A recent research has shown a strong positive association between oral health status and systemic health involving the cardiovascular and other general body systems. The research confirms the association between periodontal infections, untreated caries and cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, diabetes and even in many cases some complications in pregnancy. Proper intake of Fluoride and getting rid of the deficiency can help us in the prevention of the above mentioned diseases.

Salt has been playing a constant role as a preservative for meat  and poultry products. As use of salt as a meat preservative spread, a preference developed for certain salts that produce a pink color and special flavour in meat. This is the effect we see in cured meat today. It was learnt recently by SAAF SALT

SAAF Fluoridated Salt

SAAF Fluoridated Salt

Rock salt


TEAM that the presence of nitrate in salt was actually responsible for this colour and flavour in meat, it was further discovered that the nitrate present in salt is converted to nitrite during processing and storage and nitrate itself without the bacterial conversion is useless.

SAAF SALT team has developed a few grades with nitrate fortified salt for this special application. Nitrite in meat greatly delays development of clostridium botulinum toxin, it develops cured meat flavour and retards development of rancidity and off-odors and off-flavours during storage , inhibits development of warmed over flavour and preserves flavours of spices, smoke and other flavour enhancement agents.

Rock salt found in Pakistan is without any doubt the best in the world .The purity of the best quality of rock salt found is above 99% and the levels of impurities are also very low.

This is the common name for the mineral “halite”. Its chemical formula is NaCl. You might know this substance as table when it is in refined form. It is NaCl. It can have impurities of gypsum (CaSO4) and sylvite (KCl) but it is very rare to find potassium sulfate as a mineral, although occasionally poly-halite (K2Ca2Mg(SO4)4.2H2O) is found associated with rock salt deposits.

Rock salt found in Pakistan is without any doubt the best in the world .The purity of the best quality of rock salt found is above 99% and the levels of impurities are also very very low.

The quality of Rock salt as far as crystals are concerned can be found here of four different types including Pink, and white solid crystal and the other two available are soft lump and soft crystalline lump. The soft crystalline lump is so soft that it can be very easily broken down to tiny crystals by one’s own hands.

SAAF de-icing salt is the most common de-icer. It is used to melt ice on sidewalks, driveways and any other iced surface. It is effective at temperatures of -12°C (10°F) and more.

SAAF Ice Control Salt is a coarse screened, translucent to white crystalline solid obtained from underground bedded salt deposits by physical mining. The salt is exploited by drilling and blasting with explosives in a manner similar to that used in other types of mineral mining. The mined salt is then crushed, screened and hoisted to the surface where it is stockpiled awaiting distribution as a highway deicing product.

SAAF Ice Control Salt is intended for use as an ice and snow removal agent on highways and other roadways.




SAAF Salt lamps made from Salt Crystal Rocks are natural air ionizers. Negative Ions produced by Salt Crystal Lamps effectively, and naturally improve the quality of the air by producing negative ions – the “Vitamins of the Air”. Negative ions can be found in nature, concentrated in air by the billions; on mountain tops after thunder storms, near water falls, forests, and by the sea. For centuries people have known about the ability of Salt Crystal Rock to improve air qualities by enriching air with “Negative Ions” and ionized air beneficial to humans.

Negative Ions give the air its invigorating freshness, airborne bacteria free, cleanliness which is so beneficial for humans. Non-illuminated crystals (salt at ambient temperature) produce Negative Ionizing effect, however the Salt Crystal Lamps which are illuminated from inside with a lamp warm Salt Crystal) produces and emits a higher number of Negative Ions and delivers a more efficient Ionizing Effect. The Salt Crystal Lamps are a beautiful, less costly, maintenance free, natural alternative of Mother Nature to improve air quality. With time, the Salt Crystal Lamps will not reduce in size, color or shape, and will not lose weight, or their ionizing effect! Beside air ionization and negative ions production, salt lamps illuminated by a light bulb, also produce a beautiful artistic atmosphere pleasant to the eyes, mind and soul. This light color glow and ionized, clean, fresh air create a special atmosphere of calming meditative balance, tranquility, peace and well-being for humans.

These negative Ions are essential for our health and wellbeing. The freshness of the air after a thunderstorm, on a mountain top, or by the seaside, is due to the high concentration of negative ions in the air. On the other hand, the reduced wellbeing one feels in highly polluted areas, cars, industrial pollution, artificially air conditioned offices, or when certain hot dry wind conditions exist, are usually due to an unduly low negative ion balance (and therefore high proportion of positive ions).

The rock salt lamp can be kept anywhere where you want the air quality to be improved or preserved, anywhere you want to create a cozy, relaxing, healthy environment, anywhere you want to enjoy the beauty of nature. For office workers, a lamp at work can help improve your concentration and refresh you, neutralizing the effects of stress, artificial light and air environment.  Massage rooms: A lamp or two in the massage room will greatly enhance and create a natural ionizing calming, healthy environment and will also keep the air fresh. Convalescents, while recovering, a lamp by the bed-side will be a comforting and healthy companion. Office desk, computer users can place a Salt Crystal Lamp near their computer to reduce fatigue and counter EMF (electromagnetic pollution) effects from equipment. The lamp will also minimize the effects of the monitor’s radiation. Well accepted by Natural Health Practitioners, a Salt Crystal Lamp glowing in your consulting or treating room assists the healing process and adds to a calming environment. Parents, place a comforting Salt Crystal Lamp by your child’s bedside. It is a completely safe and a lovely night light, and will enhance your child’s sleep, keeping the atmosphere clean. Natural Salt Lamps are prepared from Natural Salt Crystals. Superior quality natural salt crystal is available in the Himalayan mountain region. The world’s biggest producers of this type of Salt product are located in Pakistan. Poland and Iran are also major producers’ natural salt crystals.

Salt Lamps are made through a remarkable hand carved process. First, a huge slab of salt crystal is removed from the salt mines. Then a Salt Lamp is prepared by chipping and carving the Salt Crystal chunks. They are then crafted into various natural and geometric shapes. The initial chipping has been done to decrease the weight and size of the raw Salt chunk. The pieces can be crafted to make almost any imaginable idea.  Finally, a hole is machine drilled partway through the Salt to allow for the insertion of either an incandescent bulb, or in the case of a Salt Tea Light, a stylish candle.

One of the two fundamental ingredients for the existence of life is Salt for it originates and sustains life, and the other being water. In mythologies of different religions we have traces of the importance of salt, as in the cultures of Roman, Egyptian and Greek salt was regarded a divine gift and was used in various rituals, the Celtic word for salt means sacred and divine in the Celtic language. This positive reception of the salt in ancient cultures has been approved by modern science that has learnt the benefits of salt on human body through performing a number of experiments and evidences and positive results established after this experimentation.

SAAF International has a wide variety of these lamps which are available on demand. Some types are as follow

I. Salt Lamps – Natural Shapes

solt lam

II. Salt Lamps – Crafted Shapes

II. Salt Lamps – Crafted Shapes


III. Salt Lamps – Package Deal



IV. Salt Lamps – Animal Shapes



V. Salt Candle Holders